Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that utilizes a fine blade and pigment to insert hair-like strokes in the top layer of the skin. This application gives a very natural, hyper-real look to sparse or thinning brows.


Nanoblading is an ultra-fine, extremely precise variation of Microblading that more accurately mimics the size, dimension and width of individual brow hairs.

Combo Brows

Combo Brows

Combo brow procedures use a SofTap machine to insert a soft, powdery-looking color three skin layers deep. Combo brows are perfect for those with oily skin.


Permanent eyeliner is a simple solution for those who have concerns about their makeup smearing, smudging, or wearing off before the end of the day. Our eyeliner treatments can give you full, sexy lash lines without the need for maintenance. We can give you natural, subttle eyelash enhancements, cat eyes, or full, sexy eyeliner specifically for what you’re looking for.


Ombre’ Lips

SofTap Ombré Lips is a fantastic solution if you are looking for a soft, natural appearance for your lips. It is the most labor-intensive procedure because you want your lips to be filled, correctly outlined, and perfectly shaped. SofTap Ombré Lips are perfect for those who have pale lips but want more color, fuller looking lips, or have irregularly shaped lips and are looking for better symmetry or shape.